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Pac-Manic Worlds 1.0

Pac-Manic Worlds 1.0 is a three dimensional version of Pacman game
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Pac-Manic Worlds 1.0 is an amusing and exciting game for all users. This game is a three dimensional version of a very popular arcade game Pac-Man. This game is a freeware which doubles the enjoyment as the player need not bother about trial period and can enjoy playing the game with a free mind. While the theme, strategies and goals of the game remain the same as that of the older Pac Man, the look is drastically different than the previous games. The player’s goal is to eat all the balls in the maze. He has to avoid colliding with the demons. Colliding with them would lead to the Pac Man’s death. There are some shining dots also at the corners. Those dots are power dots. Eating them would weaken the demons and they will turn blue. Once they turn blue, You can destroy the demons also by coming in their contact. In every stage a bonus fruit will appear near the demons home. The player has to eat that bonus within a time limit. Taking more time would lead to the extinction of the bonus. The game has more than 30 levels that get tougher with the clearance of each level.

Neeraj Joshi
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  • New Look
  • Small and Compact in Size


  • Low resolution results in low graphics quality
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